Funny Guys in IT and Other Challenges

These days it is nigh unto impossible to do business without an IT Department, a good one. I’m lucky to have an excellent team in my corner, full of ideas, expertise and happily for me, experience dealing with the whimsies of other creatives.

My new site, http://ben-iesau.dreamhosters.com was developed by the masterminds at LinkingArts, and the Phase One launch is in a few days. It could have launched sooner, but there was a problem with a proposed photo on the “About.”  I don’t consider myself vain- not about my looks at least, but even I have my limits.

The proposed picture (which we will NOT be posting anywhere) beautifully showcased the VW art that would look stunning on the wall of a modern, industrial, steam-punk loft by the way, but depicted me as a jolly, shiny-faced, Buddha-meets-Santa artist.

Or not even an artist- contemplative, conflicted, dark even, but rather it just looked like a Buddha-Clause photobomb. I vetoed it.

This resulted in a barrage of potential photographs being considered and shared over several days. In the mix was this gem:

About Cheri Ben-Iesau

I almost didn’t catch it in time for a veto, but these trained eyes spotted the ruse that Mr. Sly Humor tried to slip by me. Very funny, photoshopping in a picture of the dog.

So you see, working patiently with creatives is a two-way street.

But seriously, art is very visual so it was important to me for the “about” photo to  convey more than just my grin (or lack thereof). The one finally selected- me, sketches of ideas on the studio wall, the half-finished canvas on the paint-stained easel- encapsulated the feeling perfectly, and put at center foreground the hands that create, it seems, without conscious input on my part.

I hope you will find the Phase One launch of the page visually engaging and enjoyable to view. What do you think? Love to get your feedback.

There will be more to come. Currently, you can inquire about purchasing art, or get quotes on custom work to match your decor, your mood, or on murals for the baby’s room. In Phase Two we will expand to include eCommerce so you can buy original paintings, prints and greeting cards right from the site.

It’s an ever-changing world, if you’re interested in keeping involved you can follow me on Twitter, and please, Like my page on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram.

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