Elbow grease and acrylics... and elbow grease


Elbow grease- that is the main requirement to "work" as an artist. 

This week in the studio was hard work, with only a little actual creating.  There are last pieces for the upcoming "Rivers" show to complete and frame, and the Rivertown Champagne Brunch on Sunday where I'm on-tap to supply art for the fundraising sale. But the huge effort was a  short-fuse call for submission from Arts Council New Orleans.  That was a time devouring, paperwork intensive exercise that is likely futile, but it was exactly the type of gig I've been aiming for, so I greased up both elbows and threw together a proposal.

But isn't hard work the lubricant of success in any field?

First, I wanted to show you my proposal for the Arts Council New Orleans call because it may not ever get any further than the submission phase. Second, I want to nudge my artist friends their way as they keep a list of artistic opportunities on their Web site. Get there by clicking their name, above.

You never know- you may across something that will fit your niche.