Rabbit Island - exploring art & self-distraction


How would you like a place to get away from the distraction of life, explore your art, and maybe get to know yourself a bit better? Then consider this opportunity: the Rabbit Island Workshop.

Artists from all over the world can apply, and if selected they receive funding to get them to the workshop

The Rabbit Island website describes it as "a 91 acre forested island in Lake Superior three miles east of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. The island is composed of a native ecosystem standing upon solid bedrock and has never before been developed or subdivided."

There be eagles at Rabbit Island. Shopping, air conditioning, or blow dryers- you can't even see those on a clear day with a tail wind. Before you apply be sure to check out what you can expect from Island Life. Read the artist residency info, and then go apply - I'll see you there if we're lucky.