Cheri Ben-Iesau

The artist:

Cheri Ben-Iesau's journey started in 60's L.A., where the California sun painted golden colors and deep shadows which are present in her artwork today. After many nomadic years and a career in the Coast Guard, Cheri’s life experiences formed the filter which sieves her artistic vision- life is the influence, and the medium in which she expresses art, a love of beauty, and a flair for design. Currently residing in New Orleans, her paintings serve as a visual documentary to a journey where New Orleans and all previous experience, culminate in emotive, déjà vu works that speak to the viewer.

The inspiration:

Cheri’s source of inspiration comes from the world around her. Dreams, or the rush of a sudden idea are behind the process through which Cheri has created some of her most moving and emotional pieces. Her spirit shows in the brushstrokes, dramatic shadows and whimsy that are incorporated into her paintings.

The locale:

Periodicals such as the Times Picayune, Professional Mariner, and Louisiana Homes & Gardens have showcased her art. You can find her paintings at the New Orleans Veteran's Hospital, a Katrina commemorative mural at USCG Base New Orleans, and in the New Orleans Arts District at Ariodante Contemporary Crafts Gallery. Her artwork hung in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art during the 2013 "Louisiana Contemporary" exhibition.

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