"Farewell to Egypt" the new book by Cheri' Ben-Iesau

Cheri has just finished and self-published her latest book. Take a look at the trailer and check it out on Amazon.

Farewell to Egypt book coverMy father had gone to great lengths to escape his past, but had it worked? He had traveled halfway around the world and was reinventing himself in the perceived glamour of southern California glitz. He was attractive, intelligent, and determined to escape the birthright he felt life had wrongfully dealt him. But a zealous pursuit of his dreams had left him mired in a sludge of broken relationships. And all the while the past searched hard for my father, her cold fingers feeling their way through time and distance to remind her child from whence he had come. And on an otherwise uneventful October day, the past, it caught up with him. This is a tale of surviving a past you played no role in shaping, and of victoriously rising out of the ashes.

Artwork by Cheri' Ben-Iesau available as of fall 2018, with prices.