A Daily Drawing: brilliant

A daily drawing, as in doodle, not prize. I used to doodle prolifically, not to share on social media, but rather to capture an idea in my To-Do-Book, or to put off eating the frog. I still use the book, but as I got busier I found sketched less and less.  The nearly 25 years I was in the Coast Guard I essentially forgot I was an artist, all my creative energy was required to survive in the always-clocked-in Coast Guard world. It didn’t get better when I retired. If anything it got worse as The Curse of Choice, that perfect storm of time+pension+creativity, barraged me with endless ideas and opportunity.2016-02-18 09.04.53

But I love to sketch- it’s my starting point for garden layouts, architectural changes I make to our house, the design of the chicken coop in our yard (complete with chandelier). I often reflects my daily mood, makes a statement, or documents ideas I can’t necessarily “Pin”. And I had quit doing it.

But today I found inspiration in an article I read from Fast Company that has me ready to dive back into the habit. So here’s what i was thinking about today. This is a pigeonniere, something I first encountered in Louisville, KY. I thought one with a quarters inside would fit well at LaSalle’s Landing– which is one of those ideas and opportunities that keeps me up at night.

So here’s to the sketchers out there- may your To-Do-List be filled with them. Now, about that frog…

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