Mancave Head

Ready for the fittings to go in: black commode and sink, crystal skull light fixture, crystal skull doorknob (that lights … More


It’s the home stretch on getting my MBA, but can I tell you, this is how I feel all the … More

Saving the Butterflies

Some of you may enjoy hearing that I contacted our local city planner, Mike Ince (planner for Rivertown – an … More

Trinidad Head

This is a hastily painted rendition of a small red-roofed building clinging to a cliff over the Pacific Ocean. This … More


Ever have this day: too many ideas, too many commitments, too many options? It’s an internally generated problem that makes … More


From several years back, this is an initial sketch for a gallery exhibit¬† themed “Murmurations”. Watching flocks of blackbirds as … More

Pelicans & Unicorns

Today, while out bike riding on the Westbank of the Mississippi, I saw a flock of white pelicans that spread … More