Okra Flower

Study for “The Okra Flower”, 11×6″ ink and pencil on paper.

Life got so much busier this last month, busier than usual, so what I hoped would be a Daily Sketch was downgraded, temporarily, to a Weekly Sketch.

But this one, she may be worth a week’s usual offerings. The Okra Flower sketch is a study for what is about to be an 8×4′ mural.  I’m painting her for an opening in Rivertown, Louisiana where she will be displayed during Festa Italiana, the Italian heritage Festival being held in April.

Come see her in person- she will not only be smoking-hot as Sophia Loren, but proceeds from her *tax deductible* sale go to the Rivertown Arts Council, and artistic improvements in Rivertown, a designated Main Street America.

imageI’m extremely excited to be involved with this project, and would love to see anyone htere who can make it.



This yellow okra flower close up is an acrylic on MDF sample that shows what the finished painting will “feel” like, color and texture-wise.

Paintings from other local artists will also be available, not to mention one of America’s favorite cuisine types- Italian!

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