Working for Someone Else or for Myself

Another in The ScholarshpEssays series.  I think this was the shortest of them all and is extremely distilled version of  “The Worth of a Foundation” piece in this same series. The title says it all. 

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There are so many variables that go into job satisfaction when working for someone else, but it is necessary, in most cases, for each of us to do just that.  Often it is a great experience that grows you professionally while also putting food on the table. But just like a medical student who won’t go from cap and gown to top surgeon, most professionals need to gain experience. And for those of us hoping to become experts in our field, we have our degrees but must also spend time learning our trade by working for those who are already experts.

So, while I will want to initially work for an architect or contractor, my goal is to run my own business.

I will graduate Delgado with an AAS in architectural design. I love art, and architecture is one of art’s most fascinating forms. And across the nation finding affordable, quality housing is difficult.  I believe I can satisfy my need to create beautiful homes while scaling them to be affordable. My goal is to put home ownership within the grasp of working lower-middle-class, single parents, and retirees on fixed who want to own. I plan to build smaller homes with low maintenance and energy efficiency in mind.

Another thing I want to incorporate in my building is the idea of community.  There are studies that show when you build groups of between four and twelve houses such that they form a distinct neighborhood, and you design so to encourage interaction between neighbors, that there are social benefits.  These include reduced isolation and a reduction in crime. I’ve been excited about the concept ever since I first learned about it.

That is what I hope to do with my education. I believe I need autonomy to see this through and that is what motivates me to eventually be my own boss.

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