Paying it forward: making others’ lives more awesome

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This is another installment of the scholarship essays, this is from 1-800-contacts and you can (I hope) find the link to apply here but it has some membership caveats, such as being registered with UniDays, a discount shopping site for college students. 

Did you know that volunteers, those that make life better for others without any personal gain, constitutes only 30.3% of Americans (S. J. Warfiled)?  If you are, like me, one of these folks, thank you.

Do you underestimate what it is you do that contributes to the betterment of other people’s lives? I did, until I started reflecting on this scholarship’s request. Now I humbly realized that I am part of that 30.3% and that I do quite a lot.

Let’s start at home.  I’m married to a person with cholesterol, weight, and blood sugar challenges which I do not (yet) have, so I use my skill as a cook to create vegetarian meals to make health management easier for him. It’s helped him get off Lipitor, lose weight, and lower his cholesterol.

At school I am involved in student government.  I am the President of the architecture club where I help to encourage my fellow architecture students and assist the student advisor.  Right now, I am helping us fine tune our project for the International Builder’s Show student competition, grow our membership, and seek good people for to serve as next year’s club leadership.

In my community I spearheaded the installation of a butterfly garden in Kenner’s Rivertown. This helps all sorts of pollinators to find food and beautified an area that had become run-down and neglected. I got it registered with as a monarch waystation and now organize regular volunteer days to keep it maintained. I also volunteer with where I am on the Board of Directors.  At Bike easy we work to make public transportation safer for all, with a special emphasis on underrepresented communities, ergo trying to be a voice for the voiceless.

And I got involved internationally.  I helped raise money through volunteering at a sale hosted by the United Methodist Women. The money we raised goes to buy mosquito nets for those in areas blighted by malaria.

So, thanks to all those who volunteer.  Reflect on what it is you do, how much, and give yourself a pat on the back for making life better for all of us.


Samantha Jo Warfiled. 13 Nov 2018. Report. 6 Oct 2019.

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