After the Ogden

So what is life like after hanging out at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art?

Well, you adorn a wAngel on fence small14-10-28 at 8.30.41 AMall in the artist’s studio when you aren’t at the gallery. The artists loves you- after all, you contain a small piece of her soul, and you had a prominent spot  when home. But you have a pedigree, since not many works by artists, especially living artists get into a museum. To have you, someone has to really love you.

Angel on the Fence. You made your debut during the artist’s second gallery show, “Contemplation”, in 2009.

Then one day someone looks at you and you speak to them. They see the message the artist put there, and they see what a seasoned museum curator saw, and so tho bittersweet, today you are going to a new home.

Thank you to the collector. I hope Angel brings you joy.

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