Weighing the Costs — and Occasional Benefits — of Ethnic Ambiguity

This is an extremely thought-provoking article. A good read regardless of whether you are, or aren’t American enough. “If you’re American-born anything, remember: you are not American enough and you never will be. Pick a card and embrace it.” Naira Kuzmich


Aram Mrjoian | Longreads | September 2018 | 16 minutes (3,949 words)

At the beginning of 7th grade, sitting toward the back of a column of brown laminate desks, I was first told I had an emerging unibrow. Michigan still radiated of summer. The September air hugged my skin. I was lanky and undefined, a soon-to-be teenager who’d bought into the culture of extreme sports, so I wore oversized cargo shorts and a baggy t-shirt that hung down to my knees. At the time, skaters like me were prone to wearing clothes that didn’t fit well, as if swimming around in an extra large negated the fragility of our young bodies.

Our German class, an introductory course more focused on the country’s culture than language acquisition, was mostly filled with young men. It had the reputation for being a blow-off, less intellectually strenuous than Spanish or French. Originally from Deutschland…

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